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The story doesn’t end with that first restoration. Ten years later, a house fire almost totally destroyed the beautiful piece. The horse was badly charred and was missing its back legs. Although his home was badly damaged, the client was distraught about his treasured carousel horse and contacted the brothers immediately. They personally visited the home site and carefully removed the horse and brought it back to their shop for a second restoration. They even found the horses’ missing legs in the rubble.


During the second restoration, the Wood Artists completely rebuilt the horse including recarving it where needed. As one can imagine it was a painstaking second restoration with the painting of the horse taking 12 hours alone.


What makes the story even more interesting is that the brothers’ great grandfather owned and operated a carousel during the early 1900s and one of the carousel horses had been stolen. Legend has it that the stolen horse was the one they restored twice.

Restored Carousel Horse Rises From the Ashes

A client asked The Wood Artists to restore a carousel horse hand carved in the early 1900s. The brothers restored it in 1992. It was one of the most interesting projects Rick and David had worked on as it was difficult to not be attached to the beautiful horse.

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