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Rick Gould began Gould’s Custom Woodworking in 1984, shortly after graduating from high school. “I sold my first end table two weeks after graduation and I was hooked,” Rick explains.


Always interested in art, Rick began drawing as a child; his whimsical drawings centering on houses. He no longer has time to draw, but channels his creative talents into the carvings he etches into the furniture, upon request.


“Many of our pieces do not have carvings as our clients want a more modern look,” Rick notes. “But we also have a segment of our clientele who believe hand carvings enhance the piece and create a one of a kind look."

In 1988, Rick’s older brother David Gould joined him. A graduate of Drake University, Des Moines, Iowa, with a fine arts degree, David excels in painting, pen-and-ink sketches and watercolor landscapes. Over the past 10 years he has added architectural design to his repertoire, designing several homes and additions for clients. Using his drawing talents, David will sketch a commissioned piece to ensure the design is in line with the client’s vision.


“Through furniture I am able to create one of a kind pieces that people can enjoy much as they would value a piece of artwork,” David says.


The brothers, each with their own creative style, find common ground through the furniture they design and create.

About the Artists

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